TFare Wallet is the most effective Cashless and Public Transports Payment System in Nigeria.


TFare is a digital payment platform that processes payments for public and private transportation businesses. Our platform can be used to pay for all types of transportation (e.g Publc Bus, Dispatch Rider, Cab, Motorcycles, Korope/Danfo, Tricycle, Marine Boats, Train and highway). With the use of superior technology, we put forward a solution that will make payment in transportation seamless, safe, efficient and effective.


Adopting this solution puts at zero risk human interface with proceeds from ticketing and all, Users can effectively make payment, choosing from our list of options:






TFare’s proposition is value driven. Aside powering an effective transportation scheme, we hope to make big data available to enable decision makers make informed decisions, in developing sustainable systems for their citizens. The availability of these data would give in depth details into the needs of the citizenry.


TFare Aims to be the technology enabler that helps the public transporters to collect fare digitally inline with cashless economy by reducing the use and demand of physical cash in daily commuting and makes the proposed smart transportation system sustainable.


With increase awareness and political desire to make our mid sized cities within Africa more prosperous and economically sustainable, certain cities’ urban transportation systems are currently being planned. We hope to power smart transportation in 50 cities in Africa within the next 2 years, enabling about 70 million commuters daily.


TFare is a reputable public transportation payment system in Nigeria, which helps commercial public transporters to collect transport fare/money digitally and which is positioning itself to expand across the Nigerian boarder, and with increased urbanization across African cities, we hope to plug into other African economies and other countries in west Africa , America and Asia countries.


TFare Nigeria

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